Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide “Financial Navigation" to our clients. Helping them discover where they are currently. Next to decide where they want to go. Then chart a course to pursue the destination, set sail and steer them along the way, making course corrections as the needs arise.

Vision Statement

John L. Gerlick CPA is a firm that focuses on providing comprehensive tax and accounting to a select number of clients who are not just clients, but become good friends in the process. We accomplish this by:         

  • Getting to know as much as we can about our clients by preparing their tax return, reviewing their current financial situation, assist them in visioning their future, and develop strategies to help pursue their goals.
  • By gaining expertise and training in multiple areas of accounting services and working with other professionals in a team approach.
  • Providing a pleasant office environment and helpful staff to make the process an enjoyable experience.
  • Offering a variety of other services to assist our clients in many other aspects of their lives.

Core Values

  • Putting our clients best interests first
  • Listening to and respecting our clients feelings and values
  • Fast and accurate preparation of documents
  • Earning and maintaining our clients trust
  • Respecting confidentiality at all times
  • Commitment to continually update our education
  • Train our clients to do as much as they are willing and able to do
  • Ensure an open line of communication
  • Protect client information
  • Provide an enjoyable and comfortable environment
  • Dedication to our client’s, their family, and future